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Vonage Extensions for iPhone 2.7 Freeware

Mobile app that allows you to use your Vonage home calling plan to make free or low-cost internati...

Coco for Android 6.5.2 Freeware

Coco Voice is a cross-platform Walkie Talkie app for sharing voice, text and pictures.

LINE for Windows Phone Freeware

Make free voice and video calls and chat with all your friends with this cross-platform instant me...

BlackBerry Bridge Freeware

Pair your BlackBerry smartphone with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to get even more features.

PennyTalk Mobile (Android) Freeware

Make cheap calls around the world with PennyTalk Mobile.

Plingm for iPhone 2.7.3 Freeware

Keep in touch with friends wherever you are

TextMe for Android 2.5.6 Freeware

Keep in touch with all your friends from all around the world by making free voice and video calls...

Libon for iPhone 3.5 Freeware

Make free calls and send instant messages to other Libon users from around the world using your sm...

ActionVoip for Android 4.30 Freeware

Make cheap VoIP calls from your mobile phone

12Voip for Android 4.30 Freeware

Make low-cost VoIP calls and send cheap SMS from your mobile phone